Chris Batchelor trumpet: Liam Noble piano:James Allsopp baritone sax: Paul Clarvis drums

Pigfoot burst onto the London scene in 2013 with their highly original take on New Orleans jazz ‘21st Century Acid Trad’, recorded live at the Vortex. At their ongoing Vortex residency ‘Pigfoot Play’ they have been extending their repertoire in all directions, with gigs dedicated to Opera, Motown, Elvis, Bacharach and the music of 1972, all spontaneously transformed by the band’s wild musicality and wry humour.

This imaginative approach to popular material by the all star line up has been met with critical and audience acclaim at Swanage, Bedford, Scarborough, Brecon and London Jazz Festivals. They have just completed recording their second CD “The Pigfoot Shuffle” due for release in Autumn 2018.
Here they turn their genre-bending skills to re-workings of a range of classic material; Led Zeppelin’s raucous “Black Dog”, the 70’s funk of Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman”, the South African township transformation of a Mozart aria from “The Marriage of Figaro” and, typically, a medley of Elvis Presley and Wagner material.
The Pigfoot sound has also developed, with the  introduction of Liam Noble’s creative and individual keyboard setup, which allows Chris Batchelor and James Allsop to combine as a flexible and powerful frontline, egged on by the inspired eccentricity of Paul Clarvis’ sparky and spiky drumming. Anything can happen.

"There is all the musical intelligence you would expect from these four superb jazz musicians, along with a whole lot of heart and joy. There is also an admirably subversive glint in every eye. Damn, do these guys have a good time!"
Peter Bacon thejazzbreakfast.com

You can see Pigfoot here - 


Chris Batchelor trumpet: Margrit Hasler viola: John Parricelli guitar: Steve Watts bass: Paul Clarvis percussion

Zoetic is an imaginative new group featuring musicians who have formed deep bonds through years of playing together. Chris Batchelor, John Paricelli and Steve Watts were all members of the innovative and influential British big band Loose Tubes and have since collaborated in many different settings. Here they are heard in an intriguing and unique combination with violist Margrit Hasler and percussionist Paul Clarvis.

Chris Batchelor’s melodic compositions for Zoetic reflect his long lasting immersion in a wide range of music, from East African guitar band grooves to echoes of wistful European folk themes and sinuous lines evocative of Arabic music. This individual and engaging repertoire is complimented by Batchelor’s warm arrangements of the beautifully atmospheric music by Brazilian singer songwriter Edu Lobo.

You can see Zoetic here -

Big Air

Chris Batchelor trumpet: Steve Buckley reeds: Myra Melford piano: Oren Marshall tuba: Jim Black drums

Genre-mashing international quintet, Big Air is a collaboration between UK jazz artists and some of the leading US players - Chris Batchelor & Steve Buckley (Loose Tubes) , Myra Melford, Jim Black & Oren Marshall. Their first release on Babel won five star reviews from The Guardian, BBC Music Magazine and was described in Jazz Journal by Brian Morton as "the best British jazz record for 20 years".

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Chris Batchelor trumpet/electronics: Myra Melford piano: Mark Sanders drums/electronics

"Batchelor and Melford are highly compatible musical partners with a similar ability to explore the hinterland between freedom and structure, and in Sanders they found an ideal collaborator, so this was a consistently absorbing, thoughtful, considered yet immediately enjoyable evening's music."
Chris Parker


Chris is also a member of the following groups;

Liam Noble's Brother Face

Liam Noble piano: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Shabaka Hutchings clarinet: Dave Whitford bass: Dave Wickens drums


Mark Lockheart's In Deep

Mark Lockheart tenor: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Liam Noble piano: Jasper Høiby bass: Dave Smith drums

Julian Argüelles Octet

Julian Argüelles reeds: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Iain Dixon reeds: Mark Bassey trombone: Mike Walker guitar: Nikki Iles piano: Steve Watts bass: Martin France drums

Peter Danstrup's Reptiles

John Tchicai tenor saxophone, bass clarinet:
Chris Batchelor trumpet
: Claus Højensgård Andersen alto horn:
Lise Munch french horn: Peter Dahlgren trombone:
Daniel Herskedal tuba:
Peter Danstrup acoustic bass guitar, double bass:
Stefan Pasborg drums

Simon Purcell Quintet

Simon Purcell piano: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Julian Siegel tenor: Steve Watts bass: Gene Calderazzo drums