Chris Batchelor trumpet: Liam Noble piano:James Allsopp baritone sax: Paul Clarvis drums

A fresh look at Armstrong, Jelly Roll, Fats Waller et al. Debut CD "21st Century Acid Trad" released to critical acclaim on Village Life January 2014. 

"..stunning in their originality and almost anarchically gleeful sense of fun. Pigfoot reminded us that this music was once raucously subversive and intensely joyous."
Matthew Wright - londonjazznews.com

You can see Pigfoot here - 

Township Comets

Chris Batchelor trumpet: Pinise Saul vocals: Jason Yarde alto: Harry Brown trombone: Adam Glasser piano: Dudley Phillips bass:
Frank Tontoh drums

"I heard the Township Comets playing Dudu Pukwana's music, and Chris McGregor's legacy, and that was fantastic too. It was really like hearing those wonderful bands with Dudu in all over again." John Fordham - Jazz On3 review of London Jazz Festival

The Township Comets play the searing, joyous music of South African saxophonist Dudu Pukwana, a towering figure in township jazz and the European free scene. Featuring many former members of Dudu Pukwana's Zila, including vocalist Pinise Saul.

You can see Township Comets here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpIjeEftLfE

Big Air

Chris Batchelor trumpet: Steve Buckley reeds: Myra Melford piano: Oren Marshall tuba: Jim Black drums

Genre-mashing international quintet, Big Air is a collaboration between UK jazz artists and some of the leading US players - Chris Batchelor & Steve Buckley (Loose Tubes) , Myra Melford, Jim Black & Oren Marshall. Their first release on Babel won five star reviews from The Guardian, BBC Music Magazine and was described in Jazz Journal by Brian Morton as "the best British jazz record for 20 years".

For bookings contact Lee Paterson +44 (0)7947 103892 lee@gogobetween.com



Chris Batchelor trumpet/electronics: Myra Melford piano: Mark Sanders drums/electronics

"Batchelor and Melford are highly compatible musical partners with a similar ability to explore the hinterland between freedom and structure, and in Sanders they found an ideal collaborator, so this was a consistently absorbing, thoughtful, considered yet immediately enjoyable evening's music."
Chris Parker


Chris is also a member of the following groups;

Liam Noble's Brother Face

Liam Noble piano: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Shabaka Hutchings clarinet: Dave Whitford bass: Dave Wickens drums


Mark Lockheart's In Deep

Mark Lockheart tenor: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Liam Noble piano: Jasper Høiby bass: Dave Smith drums

Julian Argüelles Octet

Julian Argüelles reeds: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Iain Dixon reeds: Mark Bassey trombone: Mike Walker guitar: Nikki Iles piano: Steve Watts bass: Martin France drums

Peter Danstrup's Reptiles

John Tchicai tenor saxophone, bass clarinet:
Chris Batchelor trumpet
: Claus Højensgård Andersen alto horn:
Lise Munch french horn: Peter Dahlgren trombone:
Daniel Herskedal tuba:
Peter Danstrup acoustic bass guitar, double bass:
Stefan Pasborg drums

Simon Purcell Quintet

Simon Purcell piano: Chris Batchelor trumpet: Julian Siegel tenor: Steve Watts bass: Gene Calderazzo drums

Conjunto Sabroso

w Luz Elena vocals: Wilmer Sifontes percussion